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    What makes our collections here at Nativa so special is the unique relationship we share with the wonderful and talented artisans from various regions of Mexico who  hand-craft each and every item. We maintain a strong unity between our company and these artisans to ensure that the skills that have been passed on from generation to generation do not go unnoticed. Through this blog, we will share our stories and photos with you from our experiences with these incredible women. We hope to accentuate the various cultures embedded among our items making Nativa the perfect destination for everyday as well as high quality, collector pieces.

    Why We Write

    Our mission in writing this blog is geared towards sharing how every item’s unique design is influenced by tradition and a sense of identity. From apparel and footwear to jewelry and home décor, you can guarantee that each item is representative not only of the culture it originates from, but also from the hard-working and dedicated artisans who take the time to create every lovely piece. We are proud of the fair trade artisans who make this all possible and we want to share our many encounters with them that make our mission all the more enjoyable and rewarding.

    The Art Behind It All

    The art of embroidery and the region it originates from is imperative to understanding the identity and cultural influence of any piece of clothing made by these female artisans. Specifically in the regions of Mexico where women embroider various cloths using a multitude of stitching and design, the creative process is highly influenced by the type of threads used.

    The way in which they weave, dye, and spin the materials helps in creating a unique sense of color and design that excites the human eye. Whether it be cotton, silk and silk substitutes, acrylics, satin stitched flowers, foliage, birds, or even flowers, each style is exclusive in its own way and no two items sold at Nativa are alike.

    Culture Immersion Through Textiles and Accessories

    Essentially, here at Nativa we provide you with fine quality items influenced by Mexican tradition. Not only will you be immersing yourself in another culture, but you will also further benefit our mission in providing these talented artisans with fair wages and a safe working environment and encouraging the continuation of traditional Mexican handiwork so our united communities can continue to thrive.

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